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"Lollipop Style" Conifers

These plants have been grafted up varying height stems. Plants done this way stay much cleaner and perfectly shaped.

They do not get the splashback from soil etc. or leaves/debris collecting underneath the plant – also misses ground frosts.

The conifer tends to grow and turn down around the stem, filling out in size as the trunk thickens. Shapes range from balls, buns, conical and mounds. They are good where space is at a premium and also give a different perspective/statement to the rockery or border.

They look good in winter frosts/snow and are planted extensively on the continent where winters are more severe.

PICEA abies 'Minima Kalous' (Lollipop Style) (M)

PICEA abies 'Minima Kalous' (Lollipop Style) (M)

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